2017 and 2016 MPS and 300hrs 90% 10%

Does anyone have data or estimates of where the MPS was in 2017 and 2016 (apologies if I am missing this from another thread)? Also curious if 300hrs shared, or if someone else has tabulated, the 90-10% estimates for 2017 and 2016?

About 63.874684 - your time will be much better spent studying and not worrying about MPS. (If you really want to waste your time you can tabulate yourself by reviewing the relevant year’s comments subsequent to the results being released and figure out an approximation)

Low 60s.

My 40/60/80 score estimated by 300Hours was 61.1% (a [very marginal] pass). This put me in the 26th percentile of their sample, which presumably included some fails as well as passes. I did very well in the afternoon, above 70 on all but three sections. The morning was a disaster, with 5 sections <=50, 4 sections 51%-70% and 1 section >70%.

While I will never be able to say I nailed the exam, the pass was exhilarating; and I know several smart candidates who put in many hours but still failed.

To be confident you can surpass this hurdle on the actual exam and clear level 3, you must get to where you are scoring above 70 on practice exams consistently, with at least a couple in the mid-80s or greater. Be harsh grading yourself. Use blue pen. Do not write too much. Write at least something on every page even when you’re forced to guess.