2017 CFA 2 exam Econ

I honestly did not have the time to prepare for economics. So I put all answers C. Did anyone get 3 Cs or more and how sure r u about them

Do you actually think anyone is going to remember? I remember the basic concepts of what we were tested upon but obviously can’t discuss them here lol

He he he he … I figured that someone might remember since it was at the beginnings of the test

I actually think one or none in the AM.

Jokes on you - always guess B when you’re not sure. You goofed.

Split between B and C to diversify. Remember: always diversify.

Or you could actually try to solve the problem - with the logical assumption that you have NO idea what to do - then whatever answer you get, rule that one out. And then, guess between the last two.

If you have NO idea what to do, then how would you know that the answer you got is the wrong one?

Hahahaha but i think portfolio management is more of a level 3 concept, no?


I did not want to diversify, I rather wanted to go with the probability rule of getting 2/6 and I would have been extremely satisfied, but sadly it seems that non of the answers are the letter C :frowning: