2018 Ideas

GE, HTZ (feel good about these two), CSTM (still developing view), probably need a chem name but none jumping to mind and KTOS (intriguing low conviction gamble). Add X, NUE and AKS for good measure.

Also BHP and GLEN look nice (not great, but nice) as long term positions.

Been watching HBI, may do something on this week on it.

BS already own two of those names. But I’m liking what you cooking here

trian owns ge. they got uber wrecked cuz of it. performance last year was like 3% so sad. peltz must be pissed

Uber was doomed to fail long before Trian came along, they just didn’t know it yet. Also, this is the definition of an abysmal analysis, your consistency is admirable.

not uber the company. uber as an adjective. as in they got super wrecked, cuz trian owned it for a long time. im a man of many habits. lol. anyways none of them my type at first glance. best of luck on it though.

Claim: “as in they got super wrecked, cuz trian owned it for a long time”

Verdict: FALSE

Makes no sense.

GE is the ultimate dog of the dow stock. either GE kills it or the dogs of the dow strategy is bunk.

Them bricks is way too hot, you need to cut it Your price is way too high, you need to cut it

chop it up and do an sotp.

jokes and jokes.

I would not be surprised to see Glen take another shot at Rio this year.

Clearly, brought to us by the beautiful mind that can’t figure out where to get a car body repaired after confirming Asian driving stereotypes.

I’m on board BS. Big believer in a GE turnaround


best argument for GE

actually yea if you can post your ge thesis. im slightly curious. i’ve read a bit about them.

GE does look interesting.

^ GE sure is… last CEO was such a disgrace.

So aside from looking at chart, what’s the story on GE?

At casual glance, they bought a ton of businesses, destroyed a lot of value, have their hands tied now, and are forced to divest. On the whole, looking in the last 5 years or so, all of GE is not making crazy amounts of cash flow and undervalued, at least not imo. Those 5 years are part of a strong bull market. If someone made the case that the company is too complex but making tons of cash, growing revs, and divesting will unlock value, that’s fine but doesn’t look like that’s what’s going on here. So they bought a lot of lines, over paid, stock gets crushed, but people are hoping that the stock got crushed worse than those businesses will go for in the market now?

If anything, the results we see today will likely get worse. Will morale remain in the lines of business when workers feel they may get laid off? Will buyers and suppliers want to provide/source produce from a line that is going through this?

I’m not short by any means, no positions. But curious what someone buying this is expecting to happen.

Slacked on HBI, up 5.5% since post, feel really stupid. Was trying to time it.

the downside at this point with GE is larger than the upside. so many unknowns.

-more losses

-cooked books

-divesting assets

-crapy board

who knows what else is coming out in the future. GE at $10 is more interesting

GE could be split up and sold. Those sub divisions are probably more valuable as parts of other companies, since they don’t really have much to do with each other within GE. The stock could go up 50% one day.