2018 L3 Curriculum Changes

Any thoughts on the likelihood of major curriculum changes for L3 in 2018? Safe to assume content will be more or less similar to 2017 sitting?

By empirical evidence from previous years, there is a great of confidence that the curriculum will be pretty much the same in large proportions year over year.

I heard that are significant changes this time around. Upwards of 1/4 of the cirriculum. Not sure if that was incentive to try to get me to study more or not.

“heard” ??

he’s trolling.

Is this from Marc? I just don’t see how there could be major changes in 2018, when they are adding new stuff in 2019 as well. Who knows.

Marc said at our bootcamp that there would be enough changes where it may be an inconvenience when having to repeat. May require more than just trying to improve on a few readings you failed.

I’ve heard 25% as well. Really hoping that isn’t the case if I don’t pass, and for the sake of anyone else who doesn’t pass. That would be brutal.

With all due respect, it’s an inconvenience to repeat even when nothing changes . . .

. . . or so I’m told.


maybe they set the MPS a little lower this year to clear out some of us marginal bums for the next gen/material

Don’t hold your breath.

Well, of course! It’d inconvenience me more if I had to learn 5 new readings versus 1 or 2 though.

But they also usually remove something. I wouldn’t regret if they cut FI immunization for a half and enlarge equity or AI for example.

I agree. They spend far too much time with immunization concepts when other things can be expanded as you suggested.

also as someone who will be sitting for a third time, i wouldn’t mind something fresh. this stuff gets boring after a while.


no “big” changes till 2019 exam

I remember him mentioning this, again just my personal belief that we will not see two major changes in back to back years. While Marc is right a majority of the time, he is still human and could’ve misunderstood this - kind of like the importance of putting USD, GBP, etc. that magician clarified for us.

No matter what, I really don’t want to have to find out whether there is new material or not on the 2018 exam. haha.

There are going to be big changes next year. PWM and Fixed Income iirc It was mentioned at the CFA conference in Philly I think (video is online somewhere). A lot of the material is quite out of date. My Schweser tutor also said big changes next year.

Hope I don’t fail!