2018 Level 3 MPS

It seems that the test takers opinion of the AM and PM is a mixed bag this year. I am keen to get peoples thoughts on this years MPS?

I honestly feel it cannot be greater than 65%.

I’d say 63%

Look at some of the horrible matrix - I would say 58%.

Keep in mind that in the level 3 morning section, there is a 0% probability of getting something right if you don’t know the answer vs. 33% chance for a multiple choice. This makes me believe that MPS should be lower than Level 2 MPS - which was around 60 to 63%.

60%-62% according to nothing

All I’ll say is that if it were my exam and program, I wouldn’t pass anyone who couldn’t answer at least 2/3 of the test correctly.

youre a nazi lol. 66.666% is a very high score at every level thats not level 1. idk what the MPS is but its sure as heck way lower than getting 2/3 right.

there are some pretty friggin UGLY passing matricies floating out there on AF. there are people who passed who mathemetically could not have done better than 50 on the AM and 72 on the PM.

(completely anecdotally) that leads me to believe (and hope!) that the MPS is significantly lower than level 2. and when i say significantly lower, i mean like 61% instead of 63%. i consider 2% pretty large.

What if 70% ppl get score 63%?. I feel MPS does not work this way. They may have student pass % in the process as well