2018 Schweser CAIA LII Material

Just got a response back from the folks up at Kaplan. LII materials won’t be released until early December. Kinda odd considering when i first signed up back in September, they noted that materials were to be available no later than early Oct. Cutting it a little tight for some of those over-the-top study fanatics. Oh well…more time to relax, i guess.

I received the Uppermark lvl II material on Monday.

Ya, that’s nuts considering it is the same textbook as the Sept 2017 exam, isn’t it?

I think there might be one small change. If you look on the CAIA website, I believe they may have added a constructed reading based on distrubuted ledger (or bitcoin to the layman)

I contacted Kaplan and they said the notes (books) will ship Nov 22-25, which means (due to Thanksgiving and the weekend) we won’t receive them until the last week of November or first week of December.

just got the shipping notification for the schweser materials…here we go…

Schweser books supposed to be delivered by end of day Nov 27th.

just got the update from UPS and they’re on their way to my doorstep…looks like turkey comes with a side of directional HF’s and managed futures this year…

Got my books last night. Now I have an excuse to avoid family on Thanksgiving - oh hey, I really have to study kthxbye!

Will start with Schweser on Friday…

just about to wrap with book 1…a bit more painful of a read than LI materials, but still more interesting than much of CFA curriculum. looking forward to more asset class related readings in book 2.

Seems like I am always almost a month behind you :slight_smile:

I started book 2 last weekend. I’m also reading the official Wiley book along with Schweser and they consistently circle back to themes and quant stuff from Level 1. I highly recommend referring to the CAIA workbook posted on the site. The workbook for Level 2 is much better than for Level 1. They also have short answer questions for each chapter. The solutions in the workbook are pretty detailed. I’ll probably review the workbook just as much as I’ll review Schweser LOs.

good looking out jt703! i’ll be sure to incorporate later in the game. just want to get through the material/EOC ?'s first, then i’ll do a bit deeper of a dive into workbook, Q-Bank, and short answers.

Flash - i was bored so i decided to just get going on it before the holidays kicked into full effect lol

Hi govt_cheese,

How is L2 material compared to L1 ? Guessing you are close to finishing off the L2 material reading…any standouts in terms of complexity? (e.g: CFA L3 to hedge FX or not/ Option hedging).

Hey Flash!

Just got back into regular study…had some family matters prop up that required my attention, so had to hit the brakes for a few weeks. I’m currently halfway through book 2…it’s been a bit more painful due to lengthy topics surrounding commodities and CTA’s…lots of minutiae covered and lots of testable list-type short answer material. They go into depth with respect to differing trading strategies and empirical evidence…kinda scary, but i think it’ll soak in over time.

At this point, i’m just trying to get through the first reading so i can circle back to short reviews across curriculum. Once i can get my hands on Q-Bank to crank out questions and refresh, i’ll move onto CAIA study guide for short answers. Not looking forward to it, but just trying to make the most outta the next 2 months.

Side note, just perused the CFA L3 AM guideline answer key…holy moly…do not remember much of the test, much to my surprise. Their level of detail in the responses is crazy. So happy i got through that in one shot.

Hi govt_cheese,

Yes, glad to be done with CFA L3 first time…

Nice to know you are motoring along with book 2… yes given that the 10% written belongs to any random topic …makes it necessary to have to memorize a lot of stuff…all the minutia that you encountered… outside of the 10% each from ethics and CIT topics… though multiple choices may not be as bad. as long as you have done reasonable read through the topics.

Target is QBank some time next month…workbook if possible…

Just finished my first pass of Scwheser notes over the weekend. Circling back on Asset Allocation to start my review via Secret Sauce then will grind out all Q-Bank questions and constructed response quizzes, rinse and repeat for each section. Should bring me through end of February until I’ve exhausted all practice problems, then it’s on to the mocks from there on out. 43 days left for this guy…gotta make em count!

Nice! I still have CIT to go through … will do Ethics in the end… probably 10 more days (or maybe more) to Q-Bank… yes time is ticking now…about 35+ days.

yuppp…haven’t cracked ethics yet, but focusing on core curriculum first. noticing very quickly that qbank is very nuanced this time around. incredibly specific items they’re looking for in dark corners of the text. kinda frustrating b/c it’s not really feeling like it’s a test of actual knowledge behind the topics, rather a simple recollection of esoteric factoids. meh…