2019 CFA level II digital badge

I happened to passed the CFA level II exam during 2019. However, I havent receive the email for my digital badge, has anyone received it? should we request to someone?

Have you tried asking around at your local Whole-Foods?

this digital badge is actually a real thing…


I think will be ready in several weeks

or try seven-eleven. comes free with a slurpee.

If I pass, I’m going to print my digital badge and frame it. If I don’t pass, I’ll just frame my level II badge for now.

Didn’t you guys get those “Passed CFA LII” pins that you can stick to your lapel?

I got one for level I but never received anything for level II

where they at thooooo

They will be emailed in late August. Probably along with lvl III ones, therefore not earlier than LVL III result announcement.

Yall sound like you enjoyed 2nd place trophies as kids.

lol, would’ve seen you when you passed your lvl II and screamed like a teenage girl

I definitely didn’t need a “badge” to post on LinkedIn.

lvl2 badges are like “everyone gets a gold medal” tournaments; receiver might feel happy but everyone else knows what’s up

Uhhhhhhh… I displayed mine on LinkedIn. I didn’t post about it but I still displayed it

Then u arleady had a good job.

I think that if you need a CFAI social media badge to prove your worth, you’re in a wrong program.