2019 CFA official mock exam

How many of you guys have done 19 mock? Just finished the AM part, it was much harder than I expected and much hard than 18 mock. I literally scored a little less than 30 /60. Anybody can share your experience with 19 mock?

I have not tried yet. The 2019 CFA Mock come with The change announced few months ago (variable number of questions per case)??

No. Mocks will still have the old format of all Item sets being 6 questions only

Taken Today

Scored: AM 70%, PM 78%

AM 75% and PM 70%. But I must admit that i had many questions where i guessed the right answer… I found them very challenging.

Which one is this: mock exam A or B?


Let’s talk about Mock A which is also available on printed version.

If you are referring to Mock A (printed available) morning exam, yes it is by far the hardest CFAI mock I have taken compared with 2018, 2019 Mock B and older versions.

I have done mock a am part only. It wa very hard. I scored only 67%. Very disappointed.

I got 72 on it but felt very unsure on a lot of question. Def the hardest item set mock I’ve seen.

Yea, they were tough. Morning 63.3% and afternoon 75%. Hope the actual exam isn’t so tricky.

Hi all, anyone else got ‘shut of’ after 3 hours online on the website portal?? I was brutally forced to submit my answers, I just wanted to take more time, and I understand under exam conditions you need to finish within 3hours… but this is not cool. :frowning: How do I download the pdf exam now for AM? I guess I need to reset my answers? horrible…

Mock A (printable) – 66% (AM) and 65% (PM)

Mock B (online) – 60% (AM) and 58% (PM)

did anyone else get smoked on mock b? total confidence killer. i had been scoring in low 70s on other mocks.

I just finished both official mock exams and I am starting to get a bit worried…

Mock A: 73% AM and 73% PM

Mock B: 70% AM and 65% PM

Overall, I am very unhappy with Kaplan - I got much higher scores overall in their tests and relative to my peers.

On official CFAI website I am 76% correct on tests, 70% correct on mocks, which makes me better than 76% of other candidates. This should suffice?

are you talking about level 1 or level 2 CFA EXAM?, cause If is for level 2, your scores are very good, anyway for level 1 are good scores, congrats

Yes I took Mock B today and got 80% on AM, but 68% on PM which was very hard. I felt the questions were very obscure on the PM; for example equity had much about the EEM “excess earning method” which was not shown in topic tests at all. The question asking to calculate the lowest breakeven on a bear spread was totally unfair, as it didn’t even tell whether to use a call or put. I’m saving the printable Mock A for last.

Everyone will feel differently about this, so take it with a grain of salt, but I felt that CFAI Mock A was more difficult than Mock B. I only bring it up to you so that you don’t take Mock A too close to test day and have it hurt your confidence. I’d try to take it today or tomorrow if I was you.

I’m also averaging around 70-low 70s% on mocks like you, and as a retaker who was pretty close last year, my Mock scores this year are considerably higher. So I’m hoping that means we have enough in the tank to clear.

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Hi my friend, would you still have those pdfs? for the mocks