2019 Dec Mock A AM Ethics question 8


Given this is a mock question, I won’t post it, but for anyone who has access, can you please comment on question 8?

The answer given in the solutions is B, however given the way the question is phrased it is not asking for Grace’s responsibility but instead if there is a violation of the Code, which, if Francesca was found cheating , there would have been [I(D) misconduct, VII(A) conduct of participants], regardless under who’s supervision she was at the time.

post the question, it isn’t a violation

Francesca Ndenda, CFA, and Grace Rutabingwa work in the same department for New Age Managers with Rutabingwa reporting to Ndenda. Ndenda learns that Rutabingwa received a Notice of Enquiry from the Professional Conduct Program at CFA Institute regarding a potential cheating violation when he sat for the CFA exam in June. As Rutabingwa’s supervisor, Ndenda is afraid the behavior of Rutabingwa will be seen as a violation of the CFA Code and Standards. Does Ndenda most likely have cause for concern? A Yes. B No, because her responsibilities do not apply. C No, not until Rutabingwa is found guilty of cheating.

— B is correct because a supervisor’s responsibilities relate to detecting and preventing violations by anyone subject to their supervision or authority regarding activities they supervise. Ndenda had no way of detecting and/or preventing Rutabingwa from cheating during the CFA exam, if in fact that is what he did, an event she did not attend. A is incorrect because Ndenda does not have supervisory responsibility for Rutabingwa when he takes his CFA exam. C is incorrect because supervisor responsibility in this case does not apply, as Rutabingwa was not under the supervision of Ndenda when he took the CFA exam.

Regarding the violation: really not trying to be difficult and to be honest it will improve my understanding of the standards, but can you please explain why it is not a violation? On the mock itself there is boilerplate stating posting to any website is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. I get it is allowed to share mock questions with other currently registered candidates, but AF does not to my knowledge cross-reference CFAIs databases of active candidates and the forum in any case is browsable without registration.