2019 Key Updates & Condolences to 2019 Level III Candidates

All the best to 2019 Level III candidates. This is classic CFAI Education Advisory Committee and Council of Examiners code for “Welcome to the Thunderdome!”… except the actual Thunderdome odds in Mad Max might end-up being better. Level Ill Overhaul Continues (cfa.is/2019CurTW)

The planned multi-year curriculum strategy to overhaul the Level III curriculum that began last year with new teachings about asset allocation and fixed-income portfolio management continues this year with the release of a series of four new readings in equity portfolio management. These readings replace the former single reading, with a major increase in scope, depth, and currency. *ouch*

This is good. 2019 passers will be a step ahead from passers of prior years (probably they will be able to claim they can get superior returns than otherwise counterparts)

: ]

I wish they completed the overhaul so that we can learn all the “new” necessary stuff for the June 2019.

so does that mean the 2019 books will be updated again? or they already included the new stuff in the new CFAI books?

Heck- Get me out here! I will read these update in my spare time.


Watch out here, some new readings, others changed and some deleted

They wanna make it hard? Good. Momma ain’t raise no bish.

Will Kaplan, IFT, and Wiley include these new readings??? Need to know before I buy.