2019 Mercedes CLS: best looking car to come out in a while

http://autoweek.com/article/detroit-auto-show/mercedes-amg-ups-its-eq-2019-cls53-e53-coupe-and-cabriolet-naias 2019 Mercedes-AMG CLS53, E53 Coupe and Convertible Photo 4 This one is also a hybrid, apparently. Time for Nerdy to trade in?

looks ok

Looks nice, I think I’d pick the new Panamera but would need to see this in person. This beats the 6 series and the A7 line (I hate Audi) by a lot.

Here is a better picture. I don’t know, to me it looks really good. Like “take my money” good.

Everyone knows Audi A7 copied the CLS. The 4d “coupe” look is so overdone now that Mercedes is putting a new spin on it.

6 Series is kind of frumpy. I’d rather have a 5 Series.

I’ve driven a cls before. My politician buddy got too drunk so I drove lol. I was in Long Beach I think. We actually lost the car. Forgot where we parked so we scoured several parking structures. Most hilarious night ever

Visibility is bad on these 4 door coupes. I know a guy who bought one, hit a concrete pole backing out of his parking garage (not sure why he didn’t look at the camera or parktronic). Car spent a few weeks in the body shop, got it home, and hit the exact same pole again.

^Just a bad driver?

-Second opinion

It’s hard to talk about a car like this and make a practicality argument though… If everyone was rational, there would just be millions of Honda Fits everywhere.

Ew. Yuck. Gross! I would prefer a civic

Maybe… especially with the second time. I’ve ridden with him a few times, seemed like a good driver.

This looks like a miniature car for a miniature person.

I’m waiting for anti gravity vehicles to come out. Save your money.

That’s the CLA.

looks like a nice car. But i don’t think i would fit in it too easy. i’m 6ft 4 weight 240lbs and bench 400lb and squat 600lbs no joke.

That’d be boring. There are already too many civic/camrys on the streets of suburbia. There are some cars that get us from point A to point B, and some cars that make our hearts flutter. Is this one of them? Personally it looks good, its sleek, elongated and feels a bit like a new style Jag. The headlights are a bit too swept back for my taste, and the small cab windows feel too small. Small detail to nitpick but the glued on Benz logo (hood) just slightly above the front logo (grill) seems aesthetically subpar. They just appear too close together and the glued on hood logo distracts from the grill logo, which should be the focus of the front.

yep my benz has the thingy sticking out!