2019 Mock (AM) - Trana Case Scenario

Just a quick thread to vent a little. Holy crap this vignette is hard - I’ve been stuck on the first question for over 10 minutes now, perhaps I’m just tired but can’t even seem to wrap my head around what the question is even asking me to do! Has anybody else found this one to be of next level difficulty? Please tell me I’m not the only one - this is demoralising! Haha. If the actual exam is anything like this I reckon I’ll just have to punt FRA entirely.

I had an issue with that one as well. From my L1 experience, the portal mock exams and question banks are slightly harder than the actual exam…

Aahhh men, that pains. After this set, I was wondering, would I able to clear exam at all?. Now pinning hope on the fact tht actual exam may b a little easy.

I must have spent 15 mins to get my head around that first question. In real exam, I would have made a guess after 5 mins and moved on. Glad to read that I was not the only one that found this to be out there :slight_smile:

Haha thanks guys, glad to hear I’m not alone on this one. AM section of that mock was pretty challenging in my view, found the PM to at least be a little kinder.

You’re not alone. That item set crushed me too…

That’s the most difficult FRA vignette I’ve seen so far.

You are not alone.

i havent checked my score on that vignette yet, but for sure is one of the hardest I have faced so far.

My first ever 0/6! How fitting… I’ve read from previous years posts that this one is just ridiculous… I was waiting for it to appear on the topic tests but never did. Saw it on the mock… was like… balls. Still was able to salvage the rest of the mock. Will apply the harmonic mean to mitigate the effects of large outliers… Home stretch! good luck all.

*Based on vignette figures In 2014, the sales per store, in SEK, were the same for both US and Swedish stores.In preparation for the meeting, Lars looked at the US region and calculated the effect of the change in the SEK/USD exchange rate on the increase in sales from 2014 to 2015. Her notes include the following:

  • The sales per US store in USD remained constant in 2015.

Parent Company sales is 4,653 (exhibit 1), also the assumed US sales right?

Now we have to divide 4,653 by 99 (exhibit 3), then multiply by 80(exhibit 3) = SEK3760

Now we have to convert it to 2014 average SEK/USD (since it uses current rate method) SEK3760/6.5 = 592.126 (exhibit 2)

Now we need to get the 2015 SEK figures by multiplying using 592.126 and 2015 SEK/USD = 4497.20 **sales per US store in USD remained constant in 2015

4497.2 - 3760 = 737

took me 15 minutes just to map everything out. this question doesnt really test anything about FRA? but quite difficult and could waste test time…

thanks everyone for this post. I was seriously doubting my capabilities after going through this vignette. Sanity has been restored. I am not alone :slight_smile:

Yep definitely don’t take this one too much to heart. Absolutely bombed the item set when preparing, still got through quite comfortably. It’s a confidence-destroying smokey, at the end of the day at least you leave with a little extra resilience I guess!

Best of luck with your prep.