2019 PRM Exam expirience

Dear colleagues, I would kindly ask if someone can share most recent experience related to PRM exam:

  • did you use only riskprep or other sources ( for example PRM self study course)
  • sufficient time for answering questions
  • how much time did you need for preparation ( e.g for part I , per each topic spent learning time)
  • is it more important to focus on quantitative questions or on understanding concepts
  • what was your strategy in answering question : by order, or picking quantitative question first
  • did you take exam on-line, or directly at Person VUE center
  • I have Alexander C., Sheedy E. (eds.) The Professional Risk Managers’ Handbook, 2004. Is it useful to go over
    this book ( although outdated ) just to understand main PRM exam concepts
  • any other valuable advice I will appreciate

Many thx in advance