2020/21 or 1010/11

Guys, the more answers I read in the long post, the more I am convinced that though the questions were on the same lines, data/numbers were different on many of the questions.Some of you have already confirmd that it happened so in June as well. I know of atleast four - the futures margin, (i got 100), the price index -stayed at 30, the acc depreciation was 37 and one on SML /overvalued below line at 8% vs 8.5 by capm. I took 2020 and 2021 and my test center was in Bangkok.I assume everyone in Asia or those who took the test on dec 2 got the 2020/21 and those who took it on Dec 1 got the 1010/11 set. Those who took the 2020/21 set -say AYE. Maybe the 2020/21 folks can discuss/compare notes separately for the questions with calculations.!

i am 20/20 and 21/21 in melbourne i confirm the price index at 30, dep of 37 (that messed with me for a while) and the 8% i think i ran with overvalued as well. the furtures margin i can’t remember… maybe 80 on the direct cashflow did you run with - i think it was +230?

I took it in sg… 2020 in the morn and 2121 in the afternoon… 2021 n 2121 would be different then, i suppose?

1010 (AM) in London (can’t remember that afternoon one)

KUL is also 2020 and 2121

IN S’pore 2020 and 2121.

i guess it was 2020 and 2121 . there was no 2021 . mea culpa

i took the 1010/1111 series in chicago.

Anyone on 1010/1111 who remembers the margin answer? Was it 60?

i took the 1010/1111 series in minneapolis

AYE 2020 2121 in sydney…


i think USA took 1010 and asia took 2020

UK also took 1010

1010/11 in houston.