2020 ideas

i have like 1 solid one. recent layoffs for it. which aint a good sign. but its a consistent earner.

another 1. a consistent earner, but revenues recently took a dip. they attributing to trade war issues.

but it seems majority of market is at bs prices.

Are you going to make us ask?

lol i’ll say it next week. what yall getting though? i just want to compare with other idea yall got. cuz i aint seeing shit.

Ain’t seen anything from you either…

bi**h move

I would trust Nery’s base instinct, even if he is too much of a b*tch to follow through on SNAP and similar. You should be a sell side analyst - more of an idea person!

Since no one has thrown anything out there, CXW.

Dear Nery,

  1. I got a retailer, fast growth, profitable, trading at fantastic multiples.

HP: CXW / GEO. Was just thinking about these, with very low rates and Trump likely to be reelected, I like those!

i personally dont like retailers. too hard to tell when shit flops not even due to market cycle, but just cuz there is a secular change. too many have died and are dying. it seems the best retailers nowadays are anything related to discounters. and most other cos that are cheap are highly levered.

prison reits. i checked them out a while bnack.there was a cnbc special on this just last week. business isndier had somethign similar a while back too.


looking at pe multiples alone, it looks like good value. cxw has more consistent earnigns and is levered. but the leverage on them is still off the charts. debt is literally 10x earnigns/cashflow.

anyways i try to avoid anything with debt!

what you all think of ctsh? lets discuss. biggest news i think is they are laying off 3% of employees net. they are focusing on sales and digital cloud moving forward. retooling their employees.


Buying NFLX tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t pop too far from where it closed today.

My goal is to build a portfolio so diversified it returns exactly 0%.

another co i just bought is PSA. largest public storage reit with market share of 7%, top 5 largest are at 15% so its a highly fractured industry. PE ratio is historically cheaper at 26x vs median at 34x. it barely has any leverage. leverage is about 1x fcf. if you include preferred equity its about 3.5x. coupon rate on preferred are at 5%. EPS growth around 10%, which is kidna shitty, but it is storage so revenues should be more resistant in a downturn. it looks like they are growing through both acquisiton and construction, and fund it through their cash flow and preferred equity.

Nice thinking, just as I expected from stable genius Nery!