2020 L2 Prep

Hi all! I’ve been searching for a way to get started on preparation for the June 2020 Level 2 exam. As formal registration doesn’t open up for a bit, does anyone have and suggestions on how to get older (2019) materials? Or would it be good to start with YouTube videos? Any feedback or suggestions on how to start prepping would be greatly appreciated!

Are you going to start over 1 year ahead? I think it’s going to be detrimental.

That was my plan. Not a good idea? I struggled with L1 and had to take it twice, which is not an option for me this time around as my employer is paying for it. It takes me some time to pick stuff up especially considering my day-to-day job is not within the industry. Would love to hear thoughts on this if anyone has input.

Pretty sure Kaplan done an early starter pack for the 2017 exam. Online classes before the New Year.