2021 AF Fantasy Football

Thought I’d go ahead and kick this off. Seems like there’s been some chatter lately, but I haven’t seen anything coming through on the boards.

Just FYI - I won’t be playing this year. The guys at my new RIA have a FF league and I’m going to join them. And I only have enough bandwidth for one team. But I’ll certainly wish you guys all the best.

And we also want to shout out to the Varsity football team of Liberty Christian in Argyle, Texas. May your coach lead you to excellence, as only befits him in everything he does.

Hi All - Season 9 of AnalystForum Fantasy Football is upon us! Draft will be Wednesday, 9/8 at 9:30pm ET. Buy-in is $150 and format is auction league.

Prizes for top 4 teams as well as top scorer. You have at least a 40% chance of winning something!

Sorry to hear you won’t be in it this year Greenman72, but let us know if you change your mind.

We will have 1-2 open slots. Please contact me at numi.advisory AT gmail DOT com at your earliest convenience if interested.

Hi folks - looks like we have spot for one more participant. Anyone else interested in joining? Please email me at numi.advisory at Gmail.

Thank you.