2021 - New version IFT Mock #2 AM

Anyone attempt yet? Looking for some confirmation bias :wink: This is the new format with 135 minutes. I wasn’t particularly impressed by a number of questions. A few very open ended list and discuss type questions with no choices provided and unclear instructions. Also ran out of time by about 15 minutes. Wonder what others thought. I found Mock #1 AM written much clearer.

In general I feel the shorter exam feels like swiss cheese/roulette for the type of questions asked. 45 MCQ on the PM feels so insanely short.

In particular:
1-C Cascades from 1-B (4)
2-C Unclear what is expected (3)
4-C List/discuss type question (little guidance ie no choices to select from, reciting terms) (6)
6-B / 6-C - 6 Marks for plugging in the bond excess return formula 6 times? probably belongs as 1 question on the PM to test this (6)
7-A List/discuss type question (6) (no guidance no choices to select from)
8-B Unclear what is expected (6)

After taking MM mocks, I don’t quite understand what IFT AM Mock questions are asking. Sometimes looking at their Answer sheet, I think “And that’s it!?”. The grading is also confusing.