2024 Exam with 2019 books

Hello there, I’ve seen many questions regarding using old books for the exam.
I am a 2024 candidate, but please here me out:

My strategy is to study through 2019 Schweser notes and, and track down the changes from each of the subsequential years.
Then study through CFA books on these topics that have chaged, + subscribing at an online course (Analyst Prep is one of my options)

What do you think on that strategy?
Did anyone end up following similar steps?

Thank you so much for the attention

I don’t recommend this because there’s more than half of the subjects of the CFA level II examination syllabus in 2020 have changed a lot comparing 2019.

Alright, thank you so much for your insight!

I would not recommend to use old books too.
That might cause a lot of muddle in your study routine: you would constantly jump from the prep books to the updated CFA books and you would risk wasting a lot of time and getting confused.

If I were you, I would follow the online course and take notes having the cfa books alongside.