21 days left! Detail your strategy and pace here

So we’ve got just about three weeks left until we sit down and get a chance to remove the CFA studying burden from our lives. What kind of pace are people setting for these last 20 days, and how are they spending them? For myself, based on my math I figure I can probably do another 60-80 hours over the next 20 days. I figure I do about 6 hrs/day on the weekends and about 3 hrs on avg per weekday, not including study breaks and interruptions. I’ll mainly be spending them doing mocks, Qbank quizzes, and trying to figure out how to do essays extremely concisely.

  1. My strategy is EOC, MOC, MOCK EOC=End of chapter review MOC= Middle of chapter review MOCK = CFAI Samples, Mock exams, 1 x Shweez exam, and 1 x BSA exam, 3 old AM CFAI AM Exams 2. Go over notes I made on all the volumes 3. Write all formulas onto a fresh deck of Index cards Take 3rd June off.
  • go over all cfai books fast but look for footnotes, remarks etc. that would make good “is a or b right…” questions - re-watch schweser videos - go for eoc, schweser, sample and mock-exams in between, fill in personal formula sheet with personal explanations how to not repeat mistakes done (or index cards if you like those) no social life healthy food keep up minimum standard of workout to not burn out and stay fit tell your spouse how you love her because she supports you with bringing food when you learn and other stuff :wink: