21 days

Here is a conservative plan till E-Day.

21 full days to prepare; 20 days net of sick day or whatever; 20*5=100 hours to practice and review(5=3.5+1.5); 10 full exams to take (10 AMs and 10 PMs) 22*1.0=22 hours to solve AF questions. Please post/isolate the question if possible.

Yes, I may fail in June again. If it’s beyond my control I’m just fine. But if it’s my fault, such as forgetting to take my calculator or passport, the problem is more serious than failing in band 5.

Yes, it’s only 22 days to go. But we have almost half of the minimum required studying hours(250hrs) left for practice and review…Let’s march on!

My favorite motivation song:


wow…thats a full on plan friend…i still havent printed out the exam ticket/a single past paper…

I’m printing the ticket, too.

That’s bold (definately what it takes though). I’m hoping to crank out 40-45 hours between now and test time

I have 89 hours left, not including AF time. Damn, wish it was 90 - then I might have been able to pass! oh well, I guess I’ll make due.

omg you make me wanna join the army now…damn.

10 full exams included in the 100 hours.

Lol, just watched it.

my plan:

CFA institute exams

Schweser mock on Saturday

CTA mock the weekend after

Review weak areas (feels like everything)

read all of schweser, solve all of eoc, take mocks, review weak areas, mocks again, total 210 hours

dont hate the unemployed man