21 Wikipedia Pages That Will Make It Impossible For You To Sleep

read at your own risk


The most interesting thing to me on that list is the shortwave radio channels, some of them are like number stations. Supposedly spy communications.

I know someone with #16 - locked in syndrome. He has had it for over a decade. Terrifying.

I watched a docu on the Daytov incident but the theory on this show was big foot. In any event, the hiker’s were crushed with a blunt object and their toungues ripped out. Terrifying.

Coffin Birth.

Did not click that.

I watched this as well, as a person with an interest in Bigfoot (I live in Bigfoot country to be fair). Really, really disturbing.

igor, please stop visiting and linking to buzzfeed. All they do is rip off original content from other sites. Most of the time they don’t even bother changing the titles. They’re just about the most hated site on the Internet.

buzzfeed is pretty cool, why so much anger today stl

I’m in a terrific mood today. Just saying, buzzfeed unapologetically plagiarizes content from other sites. Ever heard of 9gag.com? They do the exact same thing but they’ve fallen off in popularity once it became known how they operate. Buzzfeed is even worse than 9gag. You’ll see something on Buzzfeed with the exact same title and content as something that was on Reddit a few hours prior.

I’m not saying the content isn’t entertaining. It is. That’s why Buzzfeed rips it off. In my opinion, we just shouldn’t support sites that blatantly steal content from other sites. If you want good original content in list form, go to Cracked.com. They have some good stuff and their writers actually write, not search other sites for content to copy and paste into their own article.

I cannot imagine having locked in syndrome. I would want someone to smother me with a pillow instead.

Wow, that puts things in perspective… So the guy just lays there and cannot move?

Yeah he can only move his eyes and barely his head. He can hear and see but can’t talk or eat. He has food pumped in through a tube.

He has a device he can communicate with via his eyes moving the cursor over letters, but hardly uses it and the nurses lost this expensive piece of equipment.

Interesting reading. it’s fucking mental that as a society its totally fine to let someone exist like that but it’s a taboo to let them go gracefully.

how does it even work? say your wife had it. Do you just leave her in hospital and carry on as normal? I’d be booking a flight to switzerland.

I love a bit of buzzfeed.

Didn’t know that they were plagiarizing content. They do quite often give sources for sites like reddit though. I suppose they just package it up in a better format so you can avoid the 100’s of unfunny comments and people shoehorning memes into comments.

Cracked is a terrible sight, its like a serious of articles written by social science students that have spent the rest of their 20s in menial jobs and are now very bitter and damaged…

yea i looked at cracked, seems mad dark over there. i like my humor

Cracked used to be much better until they started taking themselves too seriously. There used to be some truly brilliant material on this site, for instance “Man Comics” is my favorite. Whoever this “Seanbaby” guy is, he is clearly a literary genius of our time. “With space pleasure, admiral mascara” is one of the greatest lines ever written.



They were also responsible for “Suddenly, Snakehands!”


But nowadays, it does seem that they are focusing on this social studies and “interesting facts” stuff. Presumably they are trying to attract readership among people whose mental age is above 13. However, they have not managed to execute this very well. I liked the old model better.