24 hours

I know a lot of people already signed off. Historically I have been studying until friday about 9 pm. This year I have another 24 hours of full dedication to this stuff. Just came back from dinner and ready to go full blast. Anybody else with me?

At the office about to read the AMC section before calling it a night.

I honestly think how I use the next 24 hours will make or break me on the exam. Going over old questions until about 9ish tomorrow as well. also writing the sample tomorrow am. still things that aren’t fully baked into my head yet…

I’m going to study for a few more hours tonight and tomorrow I’m going to study all day 'til about 6pm or so. I never got the whole “take friday off” thing. It’s probably not a good a idea to hammer it too hard on Friday, but I think a nice, easy day is a good idea. But to each their own.

let’s do this!!!

I’m drinking my last “study” Red Bull now. Going over a few 2007 questions, then GIPS. Tomorrow will be a very light day of Ethics and AMC, a quick GIPS outline review, and flipping through my remaining index cards - which I’ve really gotten down in number (maybe 50 or so).