250 hours?

Ive read a bunch of places online that say the advisable amount of time needed to study per level is 250 hours. I cant imagine this is true. If I only studied for 250 hours for LII, I would probably fail band 2-5. Does anyone else agree? Or am I just a slow studier?

The number of hours studied to pass L2 is, as we all know, completely arbitrary and dependent on a candidate’s prior financial knowledge, memory retention, overall ability to conceptually understand and apply the majority of the material, and most importantly your ability to execute under pressure. For someone without a financial background (academic or career related) the 250 hour threshold, on average, is probably somewhere around 400+ to pass L2 (Just totally guessing). The CFA material is akin to learning a second language for the non-finance folks. I think the 250 hour mark is on-the-money for someone who possesses prior financial work experience and an educational background in finance. I studied around 175 hours last year for L2 and failed Band 8. I have applicable work experience and my educational background is in finance. Take it for what it’s worth, but I think 250-300 is the golden number for me and others in my shoes. I’m sure there are some finance freaks out there that have passed L2 with less than 100 hours of study time. Some people just get it. I have seen AF members with 700+ study hours fail L2 so anything is possible.

OMG, not again! This “number of hours” discussion on AF is beginning to get very annoying. Please stop!

someone please run a regression of passrate against relavant independent variable. coef: number of hours devoted number of questions done number of sources used (maybe dummy variables for CFAI, schweser, stalla etc) number of years of finance back ground :smiley:

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