28 August CFA Llll results, and so is my birthday!

CFA L3 results on the same day as my birthday!

I am finding it difficult to cope up with this fact guys. I am from India, and expected time of results is 6:30 pm. I have to face the entire day waiting for 6:30 pm, while not being able to enjoy this day. Simultaneously, my mistakes during the exam keep coming up in my mind, making it even worse. Any help or words would be appreciated guys!

You’re not alone. It may not be our bday but we’re all here filled with a bunch of emotions while we wait for the results.

Especially after seeing L2 and L1 results…seeing people with good matrix not passing makes me fear the worst!

Take it easy… we are all in the same boat… and almost at the end of this amazing journey

You most likely failed.



You are cruel, #

Lol, he/she has gotten better