$29 Groupon Trading Course


I’ve never heard of the guy but thought some people on here would like this offer. Groupon says its worth $630

I have some real estate dvd’s I’ll sell you too. Worth $2,000.

It would be ironic if the students used their knowledge to short Groupon stock.

I’ve seen this. It’s some trading strategy that looks like the fortune formula when you backtest it in a fixed noncalendar year. Good luck making it work for you in the future. Other trading stratgies I’ve seen as part of the infomercial include selling covered calls on you positions to make above average market returns. Yes, the buywrite strategy works, but I doubt most people buying the ish have the capital to maintain 100 shares per call sold.

This goes to show you that selling pans can be much more profitable than panning for gold.


At least this one has some solid entertainment value!

No comment.

There’s no way someone’s gonna sell their “winning” trading strategy for $29 a person when they could be making millions a day trading it.

^ But there are millions that are naive and believe that a winning trading strategy can be sold for peanuts.

Usually people who reveal their trading strategies do it at a time where it no longer works. They will show historical records of how well it worked and people will fall for it.

The best advice you can get in trading books is realizing how important psychology is in trading.

I’ll sell you my facebook stock for $22, worth $50!! devil