2nd round phone interview (I think) with W.P. Carey

Hello everyone, I had a first round interview with W.P. Carey last week, and it went well. I got a call and they set up a a phone interview for this Monday, however, they didn’t call it that. The woman said it would only be about 10 minutes long, and it was so that she and the person I interviewed with can touch base with me. Does anyone have any opinions on what this means, and how I should prepare for it. I appreciate any help.

For clarity the first round was an in-person, on-campus interview with three people ( a v.p., a second v.p., and a recent hire) this phone call is going to be with the recruiting specialist and the v.p.

Did the recruiter get you the intial job interview?

No it was an on campus interview, and I didn’t get the position