2nd time around and still not on track

Dear friends, This is my 2nd time around on Level 2 and I am still having the hardest time getting through this stuff or developing the motivation to be able to tackle this. I have picked the books in Nov, and until now have not been able to properly stick to a studying schedule daily. Probably lots of tensions around, but thats no excuse. Since Nov, I have been able to do only Quant until now, thinking that I will read CFAI books this time. In Feb 1st week, I dropped the idea to read any CFAI books and do EOC questions only from CFAI. Now I ordered Schweser CDs to help me recap old things, I started last week. Currently doing Derivatives, since that was my weakest section last time. When I started doing EOC questions in Forwards, it is taking me hours to get through understanding a single question on FX arbitrage relations. This was too a major weak area last time. Can someone help guide me through, having only 2-3 mnths left and I need 1 mnth to revise stuff how do I get things right? I don’t want to loose on it this time. I don’t know what’s wrong but it takes me days to understand old FX parity relations again. What’s wrong here? The major weakness that I find is, schweser has completely different terminology from CFAI for all this stuff. I cannot undertand CFAI and I have no time to do that either. Is there some defined way and steps that I should follow to understand all arbitrage relations and FX parity things? Any comments might be of great help. Thanks buddies.

I say dont get obessed with the things you cannot figure out…keep tracking on what you can…you are not meant to understand/know 100% of the test, this would be unrealistic. Keep moving…in any case these are difficult for most of us anyways.

take stalla live classes or CD classes…incorporating a lecture with reading is a game changer for me

I hope this message hits you square in the rear… you had a tremendous advantage over most L2 candidates and you completely squandered it. These issues of motivation should have been worked out back November and December and not February 18th. I am not offering any sympathies here. You need to examine your priorities and figure out how badly do you want pass this exam. You still have one BIG advantage over the other first time L2 candidates and that is you have seen all this material before… there should be no unexpected surprises or pitfalls in the material for you … start off small and get those easy SS under your belt and then go after those big dogs. … .

Jeez…I donno if it worked for the OP but man, sure lit something under me. Today on I cook this fool!!Mind like water and all that…

Would you like some cheese with that whine? You’re having trouble with certain sections of the syllabus? Here’s why: “I have picked the books in Nov, and until now have not been able to properly stick to a studying schedule daily.” STFU and go study. Otherwise, become fodder for the people who are working hard to pass.

I say, you need to find a way to motivate yourself. Its my second time also, and I know that your way of thinking about this is how your going to make it through. If you want this, there is only one way, and thats to study and stick to a schedule. I tell myself that I do not want to be on level 2 again next year, its a big commitment and you dont want to do this for nothing. If you dont understand something, start working the EOC problems, they help alot to help things click. Just do it and stop making excuses, we arent that far away from test day.

I’ll have to say I agree with CPAbeatsCFA. If you can’t get motivated and get a schedule going, then there’s still time to enroll in an online class. That way, you have to stick to a lecture schedule each week. I’m taking the live schweser class right now, and it is making a massive difference clearing up issues that I thought I already knew.

Thanks all. It really helped me. I am going to go back at it again. This time with a full force to get things turned around. I am going to keep posting from now on. Wish you all the best and wish me hard work.

Get your study on man. You got this bee-eye-eeeaattcch.