3/3/08: Sample Exams and Mock Exams

Just a note to everyone sitting for the June Exam. I checked CFAI earlier this week and saw the sample exams have changed for the upcoming tests. They will offer 3 sample tests and two mock tests. The mock tests are supposed to prepare us for the real exam, 180 minutes each section. Hope this info helps, I plan to take all the sample and mock exams.

The mock exams are a new thing with CFAi. I think I’ll take the 2 closer to the exam date. Nice touch, $100 instead of $200 for 4 samples simulating a complete exam experience.

I agree with you map1, the price for two tests is not bad. However, I wish they would distribute CD-Rom practice test like the Series 7. Anyway, just my 50 cents. :slight_smile:

Are they online or paper exams? If online, it will make a lot difference to me because I hate staring at screens.