3 choices in a question "strategy"

anyone notice in the “trend” in questions that require 2 values for an answer? for example Question Value A, Value B a) 3.33, 1.11 b) 3.33, 2.22 c) 4.44, 2.22 the answer almost always is B, having elements of the other choices…

I would not bank on this strategy. The CFA performs performs rigerous statistical analysis on these things to prevent gaming. I used to consider myself an expert at getting in the test writer’s head and guessing my way through exams, but I’ve found none of my tricks work with the CFA, all my methods are entirely broke.

It is a good point though. If that pattern is valid, then you only need to form an opinion on at most 50% of the possible values: 1.11 and 4.44

well, i didnt say i was going to bank on it. besides, this is a trend i noticed in Schweser, not CFAI end of chapter questions.

Why do you need a strategy to answer Schweser questions?

lol maybe i should edit the title to “observation” rather than strategy…

now i missed the beauty of symmetry in 4 choices

When they announced that they were moving to the 3-answer format, I wondered what they would do with questions like this… My guess is set up the 4-answer format, select the correct answer, and randomly remove one of the others. That’s how I’d do it, at least.