3 Day Schweser Review Seminar

Hi - for anyone who took the Schweser LEVEL I 3 day review seminar - can you please comment on whether or not you found it helpful? Thank you for your input!! Linda

I did the BPP three dayer in May in London and found it excellent. But that ain’t what you asked, is it?

I responded to your original post in the L1 forum.

Thanks Niblita, I did see your reply in the L1 forum but wanted to get input from others as well.

Jokes aside from my other post, I thought overall it did not add much value to my studying. I did pass, but I think I was nervous about having to take it again and was willing to do anything to assure that I would pass. The teacher just flipped through slide after slide and really didn’t TEACH the material. I’d be more than happy send you the slide book that I got from the seminar if you would like to see it and make a judgment for yourself.

Agree with Niblita 100%, although in his defense I thought that my teacher was outstanding. Although I took it in late-ish May (in scenic Newark, NJ), the professor himself pointed out that there were two types of people there - those who had gone through the books multiple times and taken copious notes, and those who had not cracked a book yet. Unfortunately, he geared it towards those whose employers covered the cost of everything they did and didn’t care if they passed or not (the latter), and it was (although a reasonable review) really a waste of time for those who were already 200+ hours into studying. For the three full days it took, I could’ve gotten a lot more work done studying by myself. However, it was nice to see how clueless some (most) people were - was a nice confidence boost with only a couple of weeks until exam time. All in all, if I were to do it again I’d take the three day seminar BEFORE I started studying in earnest (January or February-ish) - with a good teacher, that general overview would be quite beneficial as a “jumping off” point to get me back into the studying mood. Sorry for the long-winded post.

Niblita75 can you please send me the slide book to have an idea… How can we get in touch… ?

Nibilta, thanks so much for your reply. I was really close to signing up but maybe I will put that $500 to something else like the QBank? I am definitely getting the Final Review Pack but do you have other thoughts on what I should purchase that should be helpful for the final review weeks? Also, if you can send me the slide packet, that would be great so I can see for myself. Razzle574@yahoo.com thanks again!!!

I would most definitely get the Qbank. That I think was the most beneficial study tool I purchased. However, it is certainly easier than the actual test (right before the test I was scoring high 80s to low 90s). Qbank reinforces the concepts very well and is a great tool to see what your weak areas are. I believe book 6 comes with the Schweser package, and that was more accurate to the actual exam. Take that $500 and put $250 into CFAI exams, infinitely better ROI than the 3 day review. Just to give you some insight into what I am doing for L2 (If I had to do L1 again this is what I would do): Schweser Notes, Schweser Qbank, and Stalla video lectures. My email: Nabil523@gmail.com

Thanks Nibilta. Everyone keeps talking about book 6, which I really want but does it only come with the Schweser study notes? You can’t buy it separately?

Linda, firstly, you didn’t bother thanking me (although thanking Niblita as if he/she had saved your family from a burning fire) when I replied (with great detail, I might add) to your query regarding 3-day seminars and any possible value they added. This tells me that you’re rude. Secondly, like countless others before you, you’re now asking a question (regarding Book 6) which can be answered a couple of different ways - you could a) go to the Schweser website and see if you can buy it separately, or b) use the “search” function. Believe it or not, you’re not the first person to ask this question about Book 6 in this forum, and no doubt you won’t be the last. This tells me that you’re not the brightest (that goes for all of those that ask questions that have been answered, oh, I don’t know, 2000 times before.) Now all I need is a picture showing me that you’re fat and ugly, and I’ll have found my soulmate. Fat+Ugly+Dumb+Rude = Mrs. Skillionaire.

Skillionaire - I overlooked your initial response so not thanking you was not intentional. I really don’t know how to respond to your post - you seem like one angry/unstable person - I am not sure what your deal is.

Skillionaire: You are right about taking the 3 day review before diving in the books. I can see the point of it then. I too took it in the middle of May.

Linda, that post was (clearly, I thought) tongue-in-cheek. But yes, I’m angry and unstable. Anyhow, if you or any others can take something useful away from that, it’d be that “the search button is your friend”. Like all forums, this one would be infinitely better without the noise of the same question being asked multiple times. Just my two basis points.