3 day seminar

I attended a seminar for L1 and found it extremely valuable. I am looking into registering for one for L2 and was looking for any feedback, especially on instructors Andrew Holmes and Bijesh Tolia.

Holmes is good, he does a lot at Windsor and is also the ethics video guy. Professor at BYU in real life, and pretty engaging. You’d be a lot better off spending the money on John Harris’s accounting workshop though. In three days, all they can really do is walk you through the notes. Since you passed level I, I would assume you could do that on your own. With JH, you get a fresh and pretty engaging view of accounting and finance, and I think he has a pretty solid pass rate. Do a google on John Harris CFA and you’ll see the seminars. This is an uncompensated endorsement, I just liked the guy’s style and wouldn’t have passed without him.