3 days of studying!!!!

Finally getting 3 days from work for studying hard… What plans you guys have???

Tomorrow Econ/Quant Sun FSA/Corp Fin Mon FI/Alt/PM

thats gonna be a rough sunday.

m plannin to finish…econ n quant problems…

jut111 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thats gonna be a rough sunday. Agreed. I am a retaker though… I’m going to use Qbank to seriously drill down the specific LOS/SS I need to improve.

Finish FSA !!! that’s my goals

football starts next week, a real time killer. make sure to have the wfie ban you from the TV or your girlfirend to make sure she takes your remote control for 100 days…

sat: get drunk sun: get drunk monday: corp fin…err i mean get drunk again i really hope i pass…

My wife is coming down this weekend.For me it will got 0 hrs,0 hrs,0 hrs & 0 hrs !!

Studied everyday for the past three weeks. My plan: Friday: Leave town, get drunk Saturday: Start Wall Street Prep, Wake Board, get drunk Sunday: Realize I am on vacation and put away Wall Street Prep, Wake Board, get drunk Monday: Come home and get back to business

brianr, Monday: Come home and get back to business but monday is off too? so need a day for hang over to get over? :slight_smile:

RDX, Ideally I’ll study Monday night but you are right, I’ll probably be hung over and unmotivated. Probably will wait to study until Tuesday evening after work… damn why do you have to make me face reality all of a sudden?

brianr, I have same plans. Hit the beach…get drunk… and on Monday,get back to business. where “get back to business” = motivate yourself or push yourself and start hitting LOS. :slight_smile:

Today : study after work for 2 hours, then go out for some salsa dancing ; get tipsy maybe drunk. Sat: meet up with my study partner study, maybe some soccer, more studying… then hit the nightclubs in D.C with my crew; get wasted! Sun: Recoup ; maybe study after 6pm; Mon: pretend I have work and study from 11am - 8pm with breaks in between! (maybe meet up with my study partner) :slight_smile:

Saturday: fly to NC to go to the beach. Review Econ on plane. College football and drinking upon arrival. Sunday - Monday: lay on the beach, study Corp. Finance, drink. Tuesday: Study/sleep on the trip home. I like to think that I’ll get lots of studying done, but 5 friends + a house on the beach + alcohol will likely get in the way. Oh well, I need a freaking vacation!

Getting drunk tonight, sleeping it off till 8:30-9 tomorrow at which point I’ll begin my trek to the end of the FSA book.

Thurs night: FSA - then Old Grandad Friday: FSA - finished Old Grandad bottle Saturday: Finish FSA - Jack Daniels Sunday: Review all study sessions - Finish Jack Daniels Monday: FSA #2 - Beer (TBD)

haha, respect to the ppl who aren’t doing any studying this weekend. Its vacation! get outside enjoy yourselves! I’m going to be watching the Yankees make their run to the playoffs!

escioffi Wrote: > > I’m going to be watching the Yankees make their > run to the playoffs! guarantee it wont happen. go red sox!!! ha ha…series will probably be angels vs Cubs

Yesterday: Reading FSA Today: finished FSA this morning; took easy 70Q test on Quant, Econ, & FSA Tomorrow: testing on Quant, Econ, & FSA Monday: more testing; BBQ and getting wasted Tues: Work then begin Corp. Finance