“3 month salary”

I don’t know the frame of reference for if 30k is a lot for a ring, but I’d rather invest it :blush:

I agree. I quit trading futures after I lost half my gains. Sitting on 150 shares of TSLA right now.

What’s the edge on TSLA?

Got a mate who’s bird lost her rather chunky engagement ring, she felt bad but my bro really had the rage. Who do you think needs to pay for the replacement :joy:
Got my lady what she wanted and couple bits of downside, she doesn’t like taking her rings on holiday which we use to do alot and we just had a kid so she’s rocking sausage fingers and can’t even wear the rings right now. Good motivator to shake the baby weight on the plus side, I’m refusing to resize.
Might be worth factoring in the cost of a wedding ring and “push” ring… God damn marketers…

Are they right?

Lol it’s kind of funny. My fiancé’s family thinks I am awesome. But the people who really know me. Like my fiancé, my parents, my friends, the people who know me deep down. Think I’m a pos!


I appreciate the candor. I’m afraid that such raw honesty is in short supply these days.

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$30K is steep but depending on where you’re buying from, it could just be branding (ie. Tiffany’s)

I am curious how a girl will react if she finds out a ring wasn’t from a high end outlet

Costco sells $20K rings and I’ve always wondered who buys those together with their Kirkland toilet paper.

they are actually pretty good deals but just arent customized. and waht an amazing return policy. the best place to get them though imo is james allen if you want cheap and customizable. dont follow hte 4c marketing garbage.

I actually spoke with a therapist today too. So I’d argue you can’t say I’m not trying.

Genius needs to be shaped and cultivated. If liquid gold is haphazardly sprayed around, well, it’s going to look like $#!t. Even though it’s pure gold. Shape and polish into a geometric structure with artistic flourish, and — you have a thing of beauty.

Most gold in this world thinks it’s the greatest because, hey, it’s gold. But it doesn’t work that way. It’s not enough. We have to finish it. Shape it. Sculpt it. Only then do we become coveted. An unapproachable gallery piece fascinating the masses.

Well ending the aggressive trading is step one to recovery. Maybe you could refer nery to your specialist?

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Tell her that you would buy her a $7K and give the $23K rest to a charity to help children.

If she says no, dump her!!!

It is better not to buy a diamond ring at all but anyway. The Stupidest fools still fall for the marketing gimmicks of diamond manufacturers after 90 years. Was buying diamond rings to fiances 100 years ago a general practice? No. Then f, that s…t! A simple ring can work.

If she still says no, dump her. It will save you lots of money during your marriage.

Well, before my prior reply somebody already wrote about the marketing gimmicks of diomand companies that can still fool the stupidest.

Open your eyes and stop being a sheep in a consumerist society.

Again, buy a simple ring and tell her that you would donate the rest to a children charity. If she says no, dump her. I am serious!

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i disagree with the former poster. i dont think you should donate anything to children society. because they do nothing for you. at least ur fiance can give you the gluck gluck 9000. so she proposes better value.

Don’t do it! My lovely wife dropped her ring down the potty on accident and when I got to the sewage plant the lost n’ found was closed due to COVID. At least that’s what they say…probly kept it for themselves.

Heard an economist say he bought his wife this type of stone. He said it looks better https://www.brilliantearth.com/moissanite-rings/

^Moissanite is basically an “artificial” diamond. Better than a CZ, but not as valuable as a “real” diamond. They aren’t quite as hard, but they have better color and clarity. (In other words, they’re better and cheaper than a real diamond.)

Don’t tell anybody–but my wife’s wedding ring is moissanite. It cost $2700 when I bought it thirteen years ago. A comparable diamond would have been in the $10-12k range.)

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I appreciate that. I don’t think the wedding ring even needs to happen though - I doubt our relationship survives this “rough patch”.

But who knows.