“3 month salary”

On a ring!?!?

Whatever makes her happy though.

Girl wants almost a $30k diamond ring. Which I cannot afford. But the lab grown diamond that’s cut the same is only $7k.

How do I sell her on the idea of a lab diamond??

take her to see blood diamond.

I can’t believe the prices are that far apart. Lab grow diamonds are exactly the same if not better because they don’t have inclusions.

bro let me tell you the secret. the bigger the ring the better it is. a bit of yellow doesnt matter. dont fall for the cut clarity bullshit. lab diamond is kind of a waste. granted its all a waste. but the secondary market for a lab diamond is really bad. i spent 5k on my girl’s ring. which is about 2 months of unemployment. plus i bought my mom’s old ring cuz its sentimental. keeping the 5k within the family. does my girl hate me? sure. she’ll get over it.

Do what I did: marry a girl who doesn’t like diamonds.



My wife like pearls. She still got a diamond ring, but it’s a nifty new setting with a bunch of small diamonds that have been passed down through her family for like 80 years.

Insisting on high-dollar jewelry is a deal-breaker IMO. That sort of entitled behavior doesn’t improve with age.

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She didn’t come from much though and the only thing she’s ever wanted was a nice ring.

$15k too high?

i think so. as your fellow af bro. keep her expectations limtied to the middle class lifestyle. and the average cost is 5k.

It’s still a lot.

If she didn’t have much growing up, why the focus on a ring? But if that’s really all she wants and she’d be content with driving a Toyota Camry for the next 10 years, it’s probably a wash.

I feel like an expensive ring is a slippery slope though. Because if you can put 15-30k on her finger, why can’t you put her in a 75k car?

I thought you wrote your thing was ending!

And I agree with the posters who said that marry a girl who doesn’t need expensive sh!t. Those are the real gems!

You could also tell her that the 3 month salary rule-of-thumb was a marketing scheme that De Beers diamond company came up with in the 1930’s and that a true alpha specimen won’t let a bunch of 2nd tier marketing dudes tell him what caliber ring to purchase.

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On board with CodTrawler, marry a girl who doesn’t need expensive sh!t. And this ring thing is a good oportunity to test her

a girl who cares about you. isnt going to care about a ring.

Totally depends on her net worth and income.

yea i think this matters. honestly a girl who caem from a poor background needs to stfu. cuz her daddy couldnt even give her what i am giving her. so she should be grateful. if shes from a rich background, i think u have to pay up sicne her family will judge you.

I would also be more inclined to spend 30k on a ring for somebody that will not be freeloading off of me…this attitude was very common when I was growing up and women, for the most part, stayed home.

You don’t just marry the girl, you marry the entire family! I don’t want to marry a family that judges me on how much sh!t I can buy

Haha… yeah her family thinks I’m a real P.O.S

This is easy for me. As a self employed person, my salary is zero. As a result, I am willing to spend 3x, 6x, or maybe even 12x my monthly salary!!!

BTW—I recommend the self-employed life to you all, too.

You hiring?