3 or 4 years?

I signed up for the first CFA in 2003 when the experience requirement was 3 years. I passed, and then took a long break doing something completely unrelated until a couple years ago, wrote level 2 last year and writing level 3 this year. I only started working in the field (well, passable as related experience I hope, i work in market data) at the beginning of 2006. Does the 3 years still apply to me, or do I need to wait four years? hopefully if it’s the former I can get the cfa at the end of next year, which shouldn’t be too bad, but if it’s four years than I still would need to wait until the end of 2010, which would really suck. thanks!

3 years

well, as far as I know, it is 3 if you became a regular member last year… 4 going forward from there.

Based on Taketwo’s original mail, I don’t think Taketwo is a regular member yet. My view is 4 years for Taketwo.

It only depends on when you signed up. As per your details it should be 3 for you. You could mail them for confirmation though.

here is where I am coming from: -Signed up before 2005, but never took the exams (work related issues) -Came back to it in 2006 cleared L1 in Dec and cleared L2 the following June. Got an email in April stating that since I signed up before 05, my work experience is based on 3 years but only if I become a regular member by June 30, 2007. -Well I never signed up (because I have plenty of experience) and just cleared level 3 this June (became a full member this June as well). Hope this helps.

thanks everyone, i’ve sent an email to them, waiting to hear back

You had to apply for membership before July/August of last year. They had sent me an email stating I had to apply before then to be grandfathered under the old rules. It’s not just the 3 years either, there is a difference in the work experience qualifications.

I am curious - what is the answer? I’d appreciate if anyone can share as I am in a simialr situation.

If you weren’t a member by July 2007, it is 4 years regardless of when you originally took or passed L1.

4 year, same case as myself, I have asked CFAI last year. I passed level I in 2004 then took 2 years break (graduate school), passed level II and III in 2007 and 2008. I still need 2 more year experience.

yea, it ended up being four years. at least they accepted my work experience to date. I don’t get the charter until minimum oct 2010. because of that i was contemplating taking this year off and write level 3 in 2010 and but decided against it b/c I thought a buffer year would be good in case I don’t pass next june, heaven forbid. my life better turn into one awesome paradise as soon as i get this stupid thing b/c getting it is sure turning into quite the bitch. i heard the charter can make you fly, which is basically the only reason i’m still here.

Based upon the word going around the street… I heard that the CFA charter causes ANY stock you own to go up… AND once you have the Charter, firms don’t interview you - the Charter interviews the firm…