3 Schweser practice exams with combined average score of 72%

Here’s my scorecard:

CFAI mock- 53%

Then I spent two days studying Scheweser’s Secret sauce and the Quicksheet

Schweser Practice exam 1- 65%

exam 2- 77%

exam 3- 74%

My observation: Schweser questions were easier than the CFAI mock (CFAI mock was absolutely terrorizing, at best!) and few questions from the Schweser were ridiculously easy (for e.g. Exam 1 question no. 90) and could be ‘guessed’ by almost anybody. I found Exam 3 (PM) to be the most difficult of them all.

Given these scores, can i consider myself anywhere close to being ‘prepared’ for the real exam? your thoughts?? (especially returning LII and LIII candidates).

And goodluck everyone!