3 weeks from today for Dec. 07'ers

yuck. 21 more days and counting…

woohoo!!! I think its better knowing exactly when D-DAY is compared to how it was in past years.

so you guys been studying??? or are we going to be buried in the books from February on…? personally I’ve been enjoying my return to irresponsibility!

I just started thumbing a level 2 FSA book I borrowed over the weekend. I figure I’ll hit it starting later this week. that way if I pass I am ahead a bit, and if not, no harm no foul.

Ya, I was thinking of getting the Schweser PDF’s to start, then if I fail I could just update mine from last year. I gotta say I’m enjoying the time off and any excuse to procrastinate is good enough for me… At the same time, 4 months would probably be cutting it close!

i completely forgot everything in a short 4 week period… Never had i enjoyed “time” so much…

BudFox, I wish I had taken this in June. December went by so damm fast. I went back to work today and looked at my calendar and said “damm, it is time to start studying again.” Time to get back on the treadmill!!