3 Weeks Left - What is Your Plan?

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to get your perspective on what candidates should be focusing on during the last three weeks before the exam. I’m taking two weeks off before the exam (this upcoming week I won’t get any time to study because work will be really busy), but was wondering what I should be doing during those last two weeks:

  1. Should I be writing a practice exam every day? Or should I be spacing it out every other day?

  2. I am using Schweser and have 4 more practice exams along with the 2 Elan exams I will buy and the CFAI mock… should I be doing more practice exams then that? Where can I find other high qualtiy practice exams? i heard that doing past CFAI exams are useless since they’re so specific and difficult and don’t represent the real exam… anyone have thoughts on this?

  3. Should i be grinding it out 9 to 11 PM every day or will that burn me out during those last two weeks? Should I take the day off before the exam (just review notes and relax)?

  4. Any other tips?

As a background, I’ve been studying every weekend since January, and have read through all Schweser notes, done all Schweser EOC questions, done all EOC CFAI questions, done all Elan Guide EOC questions and scored 68% on the first mock and 70% on the second Schweser mock. I still do not feel ready at all yet… there’s just way too much to know!

I’ll advice you to do daily mock, you’ll learn better from it.