3 weeks to go

Right so, this is me 1. Kicked out of Decembers Level 1 as passport expiry date did NOT match my ticket. Be under no illusions, the invigilators WILL CHECK EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE, just becuase you got past the door without them noticing, does NOT mean you wont be thrown out. Well I say thrown out, they will wait till the end of the exam and hand you a letter. 2. On the whole, the Schweser mocks and offical CFA are alot tougher than the real one. Obviously do not take this as gospel, but of you’re getting in the 60’s, then a bit of tightening up (normally on FRA and quants), you should be fine. 3. Absolutely no point doing any revision on the morning, your stomach and head will be all over the place. Carb up, not too much coffee and go to the toilet as much as you need. 4. This exam isnt the end of the world. So chill