3-year EX-POST standard deviations are not required for RE and PE?


The RE and PE section state out the outset that they supplement the general provisions of GIPS and only supersede when specifically stated. I don’t recall but i think they were silent on internal dispersion methods, which would make me think general GIPS applies, which means that post 1/1/2011, you would still need the annual 3 year ex-post SD (or another method if SD is not appropriate and state why it is not).

Also need annual internal dispersion methods in addition (from general provisions).

“the following provisions do not apply: 5.A.1.a,…”

This shows in many places of GIPS. I don’t believe they will be tested.-:slight_smile:

Then you were not asking, you were telling. Tricky little bastard. Those are footnotes for christ sakes! I just checked, footnote 46 on pg 325 (RE) and footnote 54 on page 331 (PE) lol. If you know the curriculum on that level then you should be sitting pretty.

That little footnote exempts RE/PE from alot of other criteria too, including the ability to link non-compliant data pre-2000, annual internal dispersion (not just 3 year), and others that im not going to list bc there is a ton and I am SOOOO tapped out on GIPS.

tulkuu has that habit of saying stuff - which he thinks we should know. But the way he says it, it is not clear whether he’s telling or asking

confusing … all the words you used above …

I’m always straightforward.:slight_smile: I swear I found that “do not apply” after I read markFAIL’s post. I’m reading GIPS print that I was using last year…just finished 5.A today. Thanks again for the GIPS review.

the speed at which he reads also has me hyperventilating. since this morning he was doing derivatives blue book examples and quoting entire examples from there…

No, my friends. I am in SS15 Derivatives now, but I’m reading GIPS one piece a day.

tulkuu is a tenacious little bugger (i mean it with love ofcourse)