30 days for the level 3 exam?

Hey guys! just wanted to have some suggestions…

I got leave from work for about 1 month till the exam and I have almost completed first iteration of schweser notes only with little EOC practice… any level 3 passer here who believes I still have a good chance of passing If I put in full time for 30 days into studying?

how should I go about it? anybody who studied for 30 days and passed this exam?

You can do it!

I’m in the same boat. 2 weeks ago, I finished reading all of the CFAI material. I printed out and reviewd all the chapter summaries from the Schweser books. I find them quite helpful because they are separated by LOS.

With 34 days left, even if we pull off just 6 hours of exam practice per day, we still log in about 200 hours of consistently good work. People who have day jobs would kill for this time. We need to ace this!

I plan on doing one full exam (AM + PM) per day and review the topics as I go. I have about 15 exams. This should still leave me with 10-15 days at the end, which I plan on using for Ethics, GIPS and other minors reviews.

Let’s kick some ass!

excellent man! looks like a cool plan…

I have a better idea of what kind of approach I need to adopt for practice and I think I should probably focus more on EOCs and practice exams.

I have read some comments from people who have passed level 3 comfortably with just 1 month full blown study which I previously believed was not so possible

how many iterations you plan on doing? do you think only 2 would be enough coupled with lots of practice?

I already did the EOC problems while going through my 1st read. At this point, I’m just rotating between exams and specific topic reviews that I believe I don’t fully understand. I don’t really feel the need to go through the whole material 17 times. But maybe I’ll fly over my CFAI books once I’m done all the exams. Should be a good refresher. What would it take me if I’ve got it all highlighted and annotated? Maybe a quick 2-3hrs per book = 2 days for 5 books? 6th book is Ethics, where I use my summary notes and watch the Schweser videos. So, yeah, I guess I’ll do another full iteration in 2 weeks, then more random practice, then more random reviews 1 week before the exam. 5 weeks is plenty of time.