30 Days to Go

30 days remaining for result to be declared…The outcome of all the hard work you have put in…Who all think they’ll PASS?

Yeah, you might want to do that math again.

And here I was thinking the results would be released at 9am on the 18th…thank you for letting me know they will be released on the 16th.


Guys…Jokes apart…just anxious about the results…am sure everyone would be…

Not I. Its just an exam.

I for some reason keep thinking I may have passed. What a crazy thought, get outta my head.

That’s a nice thought…All the best

“just an exam” is like saying its “just another year of your life”

I am fairly sure I passed. If I failed well it is just a stupid exam. There are more important things in life.

atta boy. good attitude. enjoy life.

storko Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Not I. > Its just an exam. It is not just the exam. Is it?