$30 Gets you this in Columbia



Actually, $30 gets you that, a scene in the hotel lobby requiring police intervention, and a spot on the unemployment line. $750 gets you that and a very memorable evening.

I don’t recall see that walking around 116th and BWY. Oh wait, you mean ColOmbia.

Or was it British Columbia?

I thought they interviewed the prostitute and she said it was $800 Or maybe that was local currency? Not sure


That’s a lot of temptation to get thrown in your face. I know what they did was unprofessioanal and all but I kinda feel for them as well.

I wonder if those fired ss agents had wives. That would probably end the marriage

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if it were just some average joe. The only problem is that foreign intelligence services might be able to get to secret service agents using these connections, whether through blackmail or something else.

Yep, that’s a big concern.

And, quite frankly, it makes the President look bad (no matter who the Pres is). Part of peoples’ jobs is not to make their employer look bad, and this is especially true for people working for politicians. In this case, it’s not the act that is so horrible, necessarily (we don’t have enough info on that aspect, but it looks like it was consensual, other than the price), it’s that they messed up on the “being discreet” part.

That’s why it became an issue. Agent offered $30 morning after services were rendered and the service provider claims they agreed on $750 (that’s the amount I heard, could have been $800). The value gap resulted in an understandably heated discussion that overflowed into the hotel lobby and local PD was called, who incidentally supported the service provider.

To me, the part that infuriates me and makes me want to see everyone involved fired is that we have a bunch of f*cking morons tasked with protecting the President of the United States on a trip to secure an economic trade agreement, and not one of them had the common sense and situational awareness to realize that $750 is not worth causing an international political news scandal over. How stupid can you be? They tarnished the reputation of the position they are tasked with protecting over such a dumb amount.

What bodyguard is carrying 750 bucks on him? He’s gotta go to the ATM, deal with currency charges, big hassle.

Being a rear-end connoiseur myself I personally applaud the agent’s taste in bishes. 5 stars right there. But no tickie, no washie. If you wanna dance you gotta pay the fiddler. He should have known better. So if he loses his job he has no one to blame but himself.

I really do gotta get to columbia. With girls like this and all the charlie I can snort it really makes me wonder why we all work so hard just to be able to afford this kind of thing where we live.

Fuck and Carry Arbitrage to the rescue.