30 minutes until results, Who are super worried - lets talk here

Feel so much anxiety. Do want to do ths f*** again !

I can’t wait anymore. Want my results know. I’m working at my office now and just can’t concentrate on anything. . .

Feeling same as standing in a queue for a rollercoaster ride…

Yeah, I’m super anxious. I just want to know already. Makes me wonder why I put myself through this torture.

We are all nuts :slight_smile:

Funny Thought - if its already hard to handle the heat of exam results, how will we handle the heat of Investment Markets…:slight_smile:

15 mins left

I cant concentrate at work. Couldnt sleep yesterday… I am going nuts. F this

Enjoying a croissant with sausage now. I’m gonna eat slowly and the result will come after I am done with my breakfast. Lool just trying to do something for distraction.

Guys in Virginia, do us all a favor and please go to CFA office and hit that send button already. This wait is driving me nuts!


Unless i’m mistaken, ET is 7 51 AM so 1 hour 9 minutes to go!


Believe it’s automatically progammed though lol.


Good luck all, I’m looking at this thread and feel almost grateful to have to wait another 2 weeks for this nerve-wracking morning.


6 min left!

No way…Im in New York right now and it’s definitely 8:53am.

Start checking ur emails already!)

I literally can’t. My hands are trembling so damn much!