300 high school chicks go br@less in protest

And the winners of this protest are: all the dudes who go to that high school


I see multiple top bank internship and job offers in her future.

Hard to argue against the merits of her case. I support free-boobing.

When did this trend of schools criticizing what girls wear start? They didn’t have this in my day, but it seems very prevalent now.

I read it as “topless”… Braless is so innocent it’s concerning it was an issue at all

Yeah, don’t mislead us, our time is precious you know, nude or hacksaw

This thread is totally useless without pics.

Montana Teen Stages Protest After School Demands She Wear Bra

Montana Teen Stages Protest After School Demands She Wear Bra: 'I Was Told a Male Teacher Had Complained He Was Uncomfortable'| Real People Stories

I never got the point of bralessness, other than the fact that many women find it more comfortable. I think most women look better with a bra on.

I seem to be in the minority among men on this issue, though.

If it’s a dark bra under a white dress you know the game is on.

Push up bra or hacksaw

atush, we really could have done without those photos. If I wanted to see average chicks in ill fitting I’d just walk outside. This is Texas after all. They can’t all be 9s…

Edit: leave pic 1, delete pic 2. Sorry girl’s mom.

…nothing more deceptive than a pushup bra

Yeah a push up bra is like a PT MBA from a good school,

A bunch of dudes on computers chatting about braless high school girls. No, nothing creepy about that at all.

Im with you

I don’t understand how this is “body shaming.” If anything, it’s ,er, harder for men/boys to concentrate when there are hundreds of teenage girls bouncing around. It’s more of a body worship thing if anything. The second part of her arguement, the sexualization of women, I guess has merit, but when an 18 year old boy sees a fairly attractive 18 year old girl sporting pokies, looking like one of Charlie’s Angels, he’s going to think the obvious.

That shouldn’t be taught to be wrong. It’s a basic instinct. Women should be (and I believe they are fully) aware of the effect they have on males. It’s not like we can just flip a switch and not think certain thoughts. It would be another thing entirely if the boys were harassing her or whatever. But, it seems the worst thing that came of this was one male teacher was getting the hots for his student.

A school administrator should have taken the teacher aside and said, “cool your jets and be a professional.” Case closed.

Totally depends on the woman’s figure. If she’s naturally “perky” or a B cup or smaller, braless is awesome. For women with larger breasts, especially after they’ve had a kid, they get “hangers” and that’s a pretty bad look.

Rule of thumb, it depends on where he nipples naturally point. If they point straight forward to up - no bra can work for them. If the nipples point to the ground, they need a bra.

Wait, rule of thumb?

In the early 1900’s, it was legal for men to beat their wives, as long as they used a stick no wider than their thumb.

one time (when it wasn’t creepy) i was on the T in boston travelling through the Boston University section on the green line during the first week of school and this smoking hot petite brunette (looked like a freshman) got on wearing short shorts and a see through wife beater with no bra (definitely on purpose - she wanted to make an impression in her first week of college). Easily a DD with a tiny waiste. Thinking about that still makes it move.

EDIT: STL they were definitely pointing in the right direction.