300 hours- Is it really the right number?

I just wanted to put a post on how the estimate of 300 hours is a complete let down.

I dont understand how 300 hours would be sufficient for any Level.

You have 10 topics and that would itself mean 30 hours per topic.

If u look at certain University modules it would require u to study atleast 110-140 hr per module.

I cant really understand how 30 hours would be the exact same as that 140 hrs in terms of quality.

This is especially the case for certain topics like Economics.

For Instace, Macro and Micro would make up one topic whereas in a University it would be 2 modules.

I think it is nearly impossible to prepare ourselves for any Level with that kind of preparation.

Again, this was excluding the mock exam preparation.

Would anyone else like to share their thoughts on this?

This number seems to be very annoying. It is very misleading as well.

I’d say I agree with you. I studied 10 hours a day (took time off) for the last 15 days. Some of that was “soft study” (reviewing flash cards and stuff), but that alone was 150 hours. I don’t record my study times, but I’d say I study about 500 hours this time. I probably studied 100 for L1 the first time, 300 the second, and 500 for L2.

It’s exactly the right number: no more; no less.

If you miss 300 hours by even 30 seconds, you’re doomed.



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No. It is not. It is misleading.

You should not feel indignant on this stupid hearsay.

However, it is bad for rookies as they are being inculcated with the credence that you need 300 hours.


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Thank god I found this post, hopefully you can help me. I was studying on board an international flight as it crossed the date line. Should I calculate the number of hours studied while on the plane, or does it count for nothing since I lost a day on the trip?

I only ask because I am really worried I over-studied by counting the hours spent studying on the flight. Hopefully someone can put my mind at ease.

I am not sure if you are trolling or serious.

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It depends if you travel. A coast to coast flight from LA to New York, you gain three hours. If you fly to China, you gain 12. So if you fly to China 13 times and study on the plane, you should be fine

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