300k by 30

This is a stupid question but I was wondering of any ranking of what fields produce the most people making 300k by 30. I’m not talking about acting, gambling, etc. I meant corp finance, consulting, ibanking, etc

  • I’m just curious.

surgeons, oil and gas engineers, underwater welders.

Surgeons don’t make that much by 30. Usually at least 32 by the time the good times roll.

In most of the world you can enter med school right after you finish your twelfth.

so im guessing in most of europe you can hit 300 k faster than in america.

I think those professions are scarce, but probably exist in more fields than you realize. And probably most are in medicine (but even that i think is stretching it, surgeons perhaps), oil/gas, and small business owners.

merchant navy is also very high paying.

dunno if you touch so much by 30 though.

investment banking, only because by then you’ve eliminated all that couldn’t make it to senior associate or VP.

you still see 30 yr old ER associates, or investment analysts hang around.

But in IB, by 30, the weeds have been pulled out.

In absolute terms? Probably sales(too many industries to count), entrep. and RE related investing. In percentage terms? Probably PE and buy side AM and IB.

Hmm. I would think most FO finance jobs would make that, provided that you didn’t go back to school or otherwise interrupt your career. In IB, associates can make 300k.

Others: professional athlete (one guy in my college dorm had just turned down a $350k baseball offer), medical doctor (but you would just be starting out), lawyer at big law firm.



pilots also till recently. if you plan out your career in a gulf airline pretty sure once you hit captain you’ll be getting that much.

Pilots have a long road to becoming international captains to my knowledge, and I don’t think they make 300k. I’d say specialists like derms, surgeons, radiologists, etc etc would do about that much but not by age 30. IB/PE/ER/S&T people make that much, BUT, remember, these are the guys who survived and advanced to this point, and this field is getting smaller.

I’d say if you want to make this much, best bet is to do a medical speciality. On a risk-adjusted basis, I don’t think anything is more profitable than a good speciality. You cannot get laid off, fired, downsized, outsourced, and you’re protected by a cartel that limits new entrants, AND demand is growing.

If you can get to the top, or close to it, of any field $300k isn’t that much. Whether or not you can do it by the time you’re 30 just depends on you. As brain_wash said above, a sales job in just about any field can get you that much, but you have to be good at it and it takes time to build your book.

Either you climb the corporate ladder and work your way into a position that pays over $300k or you’re really, really good at something. The former is harder to do by the time your 30 simply because it takes time to climb the ladder. On the other hand, if you just kick a lot of ass you can reach $300k pretty quickly.

tl;dr - less to do with the job, more to do with you.

gulf airlines . they’re thriving.

you can reach captain in 10-15 years depending on you so it’s a decent enough bet.

Being a pilot used to be pretty cool. Now they don’t make nearly as much, at least here in America. Here’s WSJ’s take on it.

Yes, surely being good at your job helps. However, clearly some fields are better than others if that income range is your only goal. You can earn $300k in government… if you become President of the US. Chance of success is affected more by career choice than anything else.

Sure, you can be the world’s best janitor and not crack $30k but I assumed we were using some common sense here. The flip side of that is, there aren’t any fields where you’ll make $300k if you suck. But I assumed that was a given too.

My point was you can make $300k working for any good-sized company in any industry. Being a VP at GM is really pretty similar to being a VP at Sprint, Microsoft, or a widget factory. To get there by 30 you have to be pretty awesome though.

I’m guessing the point of this thread is “what’s the easiest way to make $300k a year?” Well, there isn’t one. You have to be a driven individual with some sort of definable talent. Being a great surgeon is certainly one way to get there, but I don’t think it’s any easier than becoming a MD at GS, JPM, et al.

Yes, but assuming the same talented and driven person has two choices: physics PhD at MIT or IB at some bank. Maybe both jobs are equal in difficulty for this person, but it’s clearly easier to make $300k at one of them. Maybe we there is no “easiest” way, but some ways are definitely easier than others for the same person.

Ok, I think we’re getting a little specific but yes, at that point it matters. Though in your example I’m actually unclear as to what path you’re implying is easier to make $300k at. IB? I’m not so sure about that. If that person is out to make money, there are tons of fields that pay for physics PhDs from MIT. Just happens a lot of those guys go into research because they’re motivated by discovery and not money.

You can be a mediocre dermatologist and make 300k…

Dermatology is a highly coveted field! The money is good, and more importantly, the lifestyle is great compared to other fields in medicine. Also, consider that there is a pretty high entrance cost to become even a mediocre dermatologist. Even being average in this field is a significant achievement given the high barriers to entry.