350$ US

Ouch that’s pretty steep for membership. Thoughts?

I have sent in my payment. Have received email saying I can use the designation.

Yeah so have I. Think I’ll get work to cover this, but really, 350? Not money I’d want to spend out of my own pocket.

Yes my employer covers this and the CFA annual dues which is good.

$350/yr seems excessive. If the CFA desination is worth $275 a year, then the CAIA is worth maybe $25/yr. I’m going to pay the first-year CAIA membership dues, in order to be awarded the charter and get the certificate. I’m unlikely to maintain my membership past the first year though, unless my employer suddenly decides that they are willing to pay for it.

Agreed. Not at all good value for money. The easiest of the designations to pass and the lowest level of usefulness vis a vis the website.