38 days to go, what you gonna do?

Just panic ? well, don’t. Because you still got plenty of time. you can build six hotels in 36 days with extra 2 days off, just sit back and relax :smiley: http://youtu.be/PNv13fY_3jY

thank u. too much panicking but too much relaxing both is bad for now.

Im way too relaxed about this exam!

I’m so relaxed, I haven’t even started studying!

I’m way too relaxed. I’m thinking more about a pretty girl than about finance. I’m going to bomb this thing if I don’t step up.

I started on april 26th. (much later than my anticipated start day in mid-march). Now my target is 20 problems each day for a total of 640 problems till exam. and the same number of reading pages. Right now *already* running a deficit of 70 problems. lol.

pepp, that’s what I’m trying to do… just do problems, no time for study or reviews!

^Dreary if you are not a retaker, try to get your money back and take it next year… Or maybe I am just dumb, cause I read the CFAI curriculum, the notes, watched videos, did mocks, and I still dont feel ready for this beast… Anyway, best of luck, who am I to tell you what you can and cant do!

dreary whats your chat? we need to connect.

gulfcfa, as said I’m a 3rd time retaker…pepp, the only free little time left is to read and post here. Drop your questions here we can try to help each other. A problem with dummy variables in multiple regression would be nice.